Weds Wisdom – Whoops!

Whoops!  I made a Mistake!  Never Mind 🙂


The fear of speaking or presenting in public is listed as being the number 1 fear and I’m convinced that a lot of this anxiety comes from the crazy thinking that, to be perceived as professional or great, you can’t make any mistakes.

Nothing could be further from the truth!  EVERYONE makes mistakes – it’s just that you don’t notice some of them!

You don’t notice mistakes by the great speakers because they just carry on and breeze through their mistakes as though they didn’t make them – so you don’t spot them.  If you want some evidence of this – watch some live TV presenters – even our favourites make mistakes and they get paid fortunes for what they do.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t care enough about your presentation to the extent of not preparing properly – you should never wing it, you should prepare thoroughly and rehearse at every opportunity so that you are as great as you can be.  I’m just saying that you shouldn’t get hung up on ‘what if I make a mistake’ and, if you do make a mistake, just correct it if you need to (some mistakes don’t get noticed at all unless you mention them) and move on.

The other crazy thinking is that, when you present, you must become some kind of TV newsreader – and when you try to do this, all your passion and personality zoom straight out of the door!  NO!   BE YOURSELF – warts and all – and bring your passion and your personality to your presentation.  Who wants to listen to a stuffy old newsreader anyway?!

3 Steps to great personality when speaking

  1. Ditch the idea of trying to be perfect – give yourself permission to make mistakes (this doesn’t give you permission to skip your preparation!)
  2. Forget trying to copy others – be yourself!  You are fabulous!
  3. Focus on the wonderful gift of knowledge and inspiration that you have for your audience – your message is even more fabulous than you.


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