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Relate Your Topic to Your Audience

You may have a great topic to talk about, but how are you relating it to your audience for maximum engagement with them?

I was writing about this for my 5 Star Speaker System when I happened to see a TV ad for a programme coming up that is a perfect example of how to do this brilliantly.

The TV programme is called The Science of Dr Who and the wonderful Prof. Brian Cox (I’m a big fan – he’s such a great presenter) is giving a lecture to be aired on TV where he will unlock the secrets behind the science of the world’s favourite sci-fi programme.

Let’s face it, most of us find the world of science and physics beyond us and only a select group of interested viewers would bother to tune in for a lecture that was simply about scientific discoveries over the last 200 years.

However – put on a show about the science of Dr Who – and the possibilities of time travel, extra-terrestrial life existing in our galaxy and whether or not you could actually build a TARDIS and suddenly you widen your audience MASSIVELY!

Create a wonderful trailer and – bingo!  Viewing numbers can be expected to go through the roof compared to a documentary about science.

How can you make your topic more exciting and engaging for your audience?  How can you create a wonderful trailer for it (video for your webinar registration form or landing page?)

Watch this video trailer below and get your own creative ideas flowing to help you engage more with your audience!

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