The Right Side of Royalties

Last week I was putting together an audio for a mobile phone app that I’m releasing this week.  It’s a meditation/relaxation exercise aimed at getting into the right frame of mind just before delivering a speech or presentation.  The exercise starts off with relaxation and then moves into visualisation and confidence building.  Simple enough.

The challenge was finding the right backing music to go with it.  I wanted something that started slow and meditative and then built up to a strong crescendo type feel.  I wanted to soothe at the start and then make the listener feel inspired – that they were strong and invincible.

Not being too familiar with the rules regarding royalties, my search took me first to good old You Tube.  My search for ‘inspirational music’ led me to a variety of brilliant film soundtracks – and I have to say that I lost about an hour in my own little world of inspiration! 🙂  Film music is so fabulous – these composers really do know how to create a mood and move you.  It didn’t take me long to find the perfect music in ‘Transformers – Arrival to Earth’.  Although I’ve never seen the film, I certainly want to after listening to the music!  It’s totally stunning.  I recorded my exercise using this piece of music and it fitted like a glove – slow and haunting at the beginning and then building to a fabulous, rousing, confidence-giving crescendo before coming back down so I could bring the exercise together and ‘ground’ it and then picking back up again for that final ‘go-on!’ message.

Sadly – I had to discard this track 🙁  Something niggled in my brain around whether or not I was allowed to use music like this, so I posted a question on several social media forums and got a resounding ‘I wouldn’t if I were you’ message with some good suggestions regarding royalty free music.    Great advice – but a hard pill to swallow after I’d found the ‘perfect’ music.   I then spent around 2 days looking for the Transformers music that wasn’t the Transformers music – if you know what I mean and, of course, it didn’t exist!  There was some terrible, plinky-plonky, cheesy corporate music, some music that was good but cost $39 for a 2 minute piece – or $130 for a whole CD.  I eventually found some great sites that featured free music or downloads for just 99 cents.

I finally decided that I had to get my track done, even if the background wasn’t perfect – I’ve been taught over and over again – “Don’t wait for it to be perfect – just get it out there!”  I decided on a lovely piece of music from which may not be as perfect but it’s very good and has created a lovely mood for the exercise – and my app is now ready – hooray!  A special thank you to all those who posted in response to my question and who set me on the right path.

My message is simple – despite the temptation, stay on the right side of royalties.  When it comes to searching, go to the royalty free stuff first – if you fall in love with a ‘can’t have’ piece of film music, you’re unlikely to replicate it elsewhere!

However – if you just want some true inspiration in the privacy of your own home, buy the soundtrack from Transformers and indulge in ‘Arrival to Earth’.  It really is a beautiful piece of music and has that special rousing quality often found in epic film scores.

Have a great week 🙂


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