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Speaking live over and over again can be exhausting.  Running live webinars over and over again can also be exhausting.  And both can suck up an awful lot of your valuable time!

Now – you may think that I’m suffering from the ‘March Madness’ with those statements as I am, after all, an advocate of speaking (both online and offline) as a brilliant method for attracting clients and making sales.  But there are ways to speak and ensure you get paid over and over again.

In this blog, I’m focusing on Evergreen, automated webinars.  Now you no doubt know that I’m a HUGE fan of live webinars and I love running them.  But I do understand that, for many, and for a variety of different reasons, it’s not something they want to be doing on a regular basis.  The solution is automated or ‘evergreen’ webinars!  The beauty of evergreen webinars is that you literally speak once and get paid over and over again. 

Advantages of Evergreen Webinars

  • The ‘webinar’ is actually a video that you can practice, tweak and edit until you’re really happy with it (remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect! Be real and authentic).  There’s no risk of you rambling on or going off topic like you can do with a live webinar.
  • No scary speaking to a live audience
  • No scary live technology issues to deal with.
  • You can iron out any bugs in the process with small initial audiences.
  • You can gather analytics and continually improve the entire process over time – everything from your traffic sources such as ads, your registration pages, reminder e-mails, the webinar video itself and the follow up.  You will eventually end up with a webinar that delivers results time after time
  • You can work with 1 JV partner at a time – and even have them featured on your webinar too (the software allows introductions and the addition of different JVs as hosts – very clever!)
  • No feast and famine!  The webinar is ALWAYS available – there is no end date – so you continue earning from it all year round.
  • You can set the webinar to run several days per week – even every day if you want to, making it easier for people to find time to watch it.  This works far better than replays.
  • You can even set the webinar to run several times per day and allow it to be shown in local time zones, so it caters for every time zone on the planet.
  • You can split-test with different registration pages and videos.

How it Works

The webinar, instead of being live, is pre-recorded and then set up so that people can arrange to tune in at a time that’s convenient for them.  You can run them weekly, daily – and even several times daily!  People also get the opportunity to watch there and then when they come across the registration page.  All you have to do is keep sending traffic to the registration page and, as long as the webinar is set up to sell, then you keep on getting paid over and over again for a speaking session (the recording) that you only have to do once.  Genius!  As well as selling on the webinar itself, you can also charge people to watch the webinar in the first place – even more genius!!

What You Have to Do

  1. Record the video presentation.
  2. Configure the Webinar – the techie bit.
  3. Publish the Webinar – make it live.
  4. Drive traffic to it.

What You Need

Webinar automation software.  There are many automated webinar systems available at varying prices.  I use Evergreen Business Systems and absolutely love it.  EBS was created by Mike Filsame and Hector Yague (who teamed up with Andy Jenkins to create Webinar Jam) and have a solid reputation for delivering.  I’ve been using Evergreen for a couple of years now and have only recently come to realise all the amazing things that it can do (a bit like your phone – you often only use part of its total capability!)  And EBS also has a fabulous live webinar platform too that you can only get your hands on once you’ve bought the automated system.

Check out Evergreen Business Systems Here

Whether you’re using live or automated webinars, there’s a lot you need to learn in order to really capitalize on them and use them to their full potential.  Now is a really good time to join my Wicked Webinars programme for a one-off price of $97 to include a monthly live training webinar (next one on Thursday 27th all about getting the best out of evergreen webinars).  In April, to get your hands on Wicked Webinars plus the monthly trainings, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $37 – so get in now for the one-off price.

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Want Me to Do It For You?

Even using the Evergreen, automated webinar route, you still have to configure and set up all the techie stuff.  I’m about to launch an Evergreen Done For You Webinar service – if you want to get the insider information on this pre-launch, ping me an e-mail:  tina@theonlinepublicspeakingacademy.com 

If you’re daunted by the time and effort of learning to do live webinars, don’t let this stop you from earning from webinars – take the automated, Evergreen route.

Wishing you every success with your webinars!






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