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Recording Live WebinarsRecord

Do you want to offer replays of your live webinars? Then, quite simply, you have to record them. But this is sometimes easier said than done!

The method for recording your live webinars varies from platform to platform and it’s a good idea to consider the recording ability when you’re choosing your webinar platform.

Recording Google Hangouts:

If you’re recording a Hangout On Air, then the recording happens automatically. It begins as soon as you hit the ‘broadcast’ button and ends when you end the Hangout. The recording then appears automatically on your YouTube Channel and your Google+ page. Simple. This is brilliant when you have other things to think about and don’t want to have to remember to hit the record button (trust me – it’s a real pain when you realise you forgot to hit record and you have to do the webinar all over again in private just to get a replay!)

If you’re running a private Hangout, this doesn’t record in the same way, so you need to record it manually using screen capture software.

You can set a Google Hangout on Air so that it’s private, but that’s the subject of another blog or tutorial!

Any of the webinar applications that turn Google Hangouts into a webinar, such as Easy Webinar, Webinar Jam or any of the others record in exactly the same way as they use Google Hangouts as the base platform and the app is a frame that sits around it.

Dedicated Webinar Software

Not everyone uses Hangouts for their webinars and the other platforms each have their own method for recordings. The only thing to do is to check out the tutorials for each system on how to record, but here are a few of the common ones. (There may be slight differences in file locations on a Mac – the following is what happens on a PC):


When using GoToWebinar, there is a button in the control panel which you click to start recording. Once you end the webinar, the recording will automatically appear in your ‘My Documents’ folder by default. The only problem is that, while you can watch this recording yourself, you can’t do anything with it! You can’t import it into editing software and you can’t upload it into YouTube.

First of all, you need to go into the settings (a link just next to the start recording button) and change the format to WMV file format. You can at the same time choose an alternative location to the ‘my documents’ folder if you wish to save it somewhere else.
The WMV file format can then be imported into editing software and uploaded to YouTube, although it’s best to convert it to MP4 first.

Evergreen Business Systems

In the control panel at the bottom of the page, there is a small record button. Next to that is a little arrow and when you click on this, you can select whether to record your camera, microphone, desktop or all of them. You then get the option to record the whole screen or just sections of it (for example, just the presentation window). In the options when you click on the arrow, you can also select which format to save the recording in (I use AVI and then convert later to MP4). You can also set the compression level – the higher the compression level, the smaller the file and the lower the recording quality. (I use the default of 30%)

Once you’ve selected your options and started the recording, when you end the webinar, you need to convert your recording. Click on the arrow next to the record button again and the bottom option is ‘Convert your records’ – choose the file you want to convert and once it’s done the recording will appear in a Conference folder in your ‘My Documents’ folder.


Although the interface is practically identical to Evergreen, the recording method is different. You simply click on start recording and it just records. The recording then appears under the ‘Records’ tab in your Meetcheap dashboard. You have the option of embedding the code of the recording into your website or just using an URL that links to the recording. Note that these recordings can’t be uploaded to YouTube or edited unless you download them using 3rd party software and then convert them. Also note that unless you download them, if you stop using Meetcheap, you will no longer have access to these recordings.

Screen Capture

I often use my screen capture software to back-up record my webinars. This is a good idea just in case the recording fails (This has happened even when I have set all the options correctly and when I’ve remembered to hit record – especially with Meetcheap). I also frequently use private Google Hangouts in conjunction with screen capture software to produce recordings.

There are lots of screen capture software choices but I use Camtasia (can be used on PC or Mac). I gather Screenflow is also good for use on Macs. There are also free ones such as Camstudio.


It can be useful to edit your webinar recording before making it available, especially if you want to cut off any chat at the beginning or at the end (although you can simply monitor this by clicking start recording and end recording at the appropriate times). Editing is also useful if you want to edit out any mistakes or if you want to change the offer.

Editing can be done in any of the screen capture software or I’ve used NCH Video Pad for editing as well.


It’s always best to convert your videos to MP4. The best conversion software for your videos is Handbrake and the good news is that it’s also free! When you use screen capture or editing software, you can also choose to produce your video in MP4 format, so this often acts as a converter too.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to hit that ‘record’ button! Now, I have a great big post it note with the word RECORD on it that I stick on my screen so I don’t miss it. I don’t remove it until I’ve hit that record button!


The only way of becoming a whizz with recording your webinars is to just do it. You can experiment with free trials for most platforms and use your free trial to set up dummy webinars and record them. Make sure you also practice editing, converting and uploading to either YouTube or onto your website.
That’s it! It’s actually easier than it sounds once you get into it.

If you want to know more, check out my Wicked Webinars programme – I have a members only webinar covering recordings.

Happy recordings 🙂


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