Importance of Analytics

Analytics – Lovely Analytics!

I never, EVER, thought I would utter those kinds of words!  analytics

Let me tell you – I have never been a person who likes detail.  When I was in school, my report always said ‘Tina needs to pay more attention to detail’!  I’ve always been a big picture girl – I love vision and planning the top level stuff.  Was always a great starter but not so good at completing and finishing.

But right now I’m LOVING what I can learn from analytics!  I’m super excited by what my analytics are telling me – because they’re telling me that what I’m doing is working – AND I’M GETTING ABOVE ‘AVERAGE’ RESULTS! 🙂

Let me explain…..

You will know that I’m passionate about helping people run profitable webinars – but the really cool thing about analytics is that they tell you EXACTLY where you need to put extra work in to go from average, to good, to great.

And when you get it right, it can be totally awesome for your confidence too!

The thing with webinars…. 

You really need to know the following stuff that I used to call boring but which can really help you:

Knowing where your traffic is coming from:

I’m able to measure whether my registrations are coming from my own efforts or from which JV partners.  I’m also able to measure whether my own traffic is coming from my e-mail campaigns, Facebook, Twitter or wherever!  I can even break it down into which banners, widgets etc are sending me my registrations!  This is awesome information when deciding where and how to promote your webinars.

Conversions from Registration Page Visitors to Registrations

The ‘average’ is difficult to measure because ‘average’ stats are given to be anything between 5 and 50%.  My stats are putting my webinar landing page conversions at around 25%, which I guess is average to good.

Conversions from Registered to Attended

The ‘average’ that I’ve heard people talking about here is that you can expect around between 10% and 30% of people who register to actually show up, depending on the niche.  This is one of the places I’m getting above average results at a 50% show rate – which makes me very happy indeed!

Conversions of Attendees to Sales

Again, ‘averages’ for this vary, however anything over 20% is generally considered to be good.  I’m happy to report consistent conversion rates of 30% from attendees to sales, which is great! 🙂

Whatever the industry ‘average’, if there is such a thing – what’s important is to measure your conversion rates.  If they’re falling short of the conversion rates I’m getting and you want to know how I achieve these, register for my FREE webinar 7pm UK time (2pm EST) on Thursday 20th February 2014.  Get the details here

Alternatively, check out my Wicked Webinar programme, where I share my Profitable Webinar Blueprint so you, too, can expect ‘above average’ conversions!  Get the details here

So – fall in love with your analytics and what they can tell you!

Wishing you highly successful and highly profitable webinars.

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