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Who is Your Tribe – Your SWARM?swarm of bees

I’ve had several conversations about speaking with various people recently and the ONE thing that comes up time and time again is the importance of identifying your audience.

Until you do this – you CANNOT get your message right and will continue struggling to make the impact you want.

Let me give you some examples:

Promoting an MLM business

There are several groups of people who would benefit from starting an MLM business: those who hate their jobs and want out, those facing redundancy, those already running a business but who are struggling to make sufficient income and those already doing well, who are looking for another great opportunity.  However, each of these groups have different needs, they worry about different things and will be motivated by totally different messages.  It’s difficult to have one message that will reach all of them – it’s much easier to have four very different messages that speak loud and clear to each of the groups.

Promoting Public Speaking Training

Once again, in my opinion, everyone could benefit from this – but in very different ways.  There are those running their own business who need to promote it, those who are working for an organisation in sales, those who are working in an organisation who are not in sales but still need to report at meetings and who want to make an impact so they get ear-marked for promotion, leaders who need to get their employees behind them – people who want to serve on social committees and those who have to speak at other social occasions such as a wedding.  Totally impossible to bring these all together under one message – which is why, in the main, I’m focusing on one audience – business owners, particularly coaches, trainers and consultants, who need to promote their products and services.

But There’s More!

In order to attract the right tribe, or SWARM as I like to put it, you need to think about yourself too.  Let me explain.

Most of you who know me will have gathered by now that I like to have a lot of fun when I’m working.  I’m passionate about what I do and about helping my followers and clients to step up into the spotlight and get their message out into the world.  What I’m not is perfect – and I don’t expect my clients to be either.  I have a laid back approach and prefer to inspire and motivate rather than dictate.  I like to be warm and approachable – I dress for my personality rather than following the ‘suited and booted’ look.  Which means that some people will love me and others will be totally turned off!  It’s fair to say then, that my natural crowd is not the corporate market who might expect slick and polished to the point of stuffy.  (Although I’ve worked with several CEOs and high level executives who prefer my approach too).  I like to be transparent and take the ‘girl next door’ approach, working side by side with people, rather than taking the aloof ‘guru’ approach.  This means that my natural crowd is more likely to be regular people who want to move forwards and be successful in their business but I’m probably not the choice of the high-flying, over-achievers who want to make a million in 6 months.

The Importance of Being Authentic

To attract the right crowd then – a tribe who will follow you, relate to you and become loyal to you – you need to first of all be yourself – in how you dress, how you package your materials, how you write and how you speak.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your best – but be real and be you – the best you that you can be, but you.

Then think about the tribe that you will relate to and talk directly to them – in their language but in your style.  So – discover who you are and spend time identifying your audience, your tribe – your SWARM of followers.  Then it will become so much easier to formulate a message, to write and deliver the perfect presentation that they will absolutely LOVE and ACT UPON!

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Have a great week! 🙂

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