Get Creative With Your Presentations – Use Processes!

Processes and Creativity

I’ve always considered myself to be a creative person rather than a process-driven person.  As a child I loved to draw, build – anything from mud pies to complex Meccano structures and create stories which were completely fantastical and usually involved me being the heroine!

When I was made to do anything that followed a process – especially maths, I hated it!  This trend continued into business life, where I hated anything to do with following processes.  The ‘Managing Data’ part of my degree, where I had to use process flow charts was a nightmare for me.

Yet here I am, working in a business that I love, doing my own thing – and I’m CHOOSING to follow processes and even CHOOSING to use flow charts!!  I would never have believed it possible that I would do so and even enjoy it.

What’s this got to do with speaking and presenting?  Well – everything.

You see, to be a great speaker, you can’t just throw something together that may be creative but doesn’t make sense to your audience.  You need to follow a structure – and use a process of creativity – and yes those two words do, indeed, go together.

When creating webinars (which are, after all, just online presentations), there is a process that you need to go through to make sure everything works – registrations, thank you pages and what happens afterwards.

The crazy thing I’ve found is that the more processes I have in place to follow, the easier the whole thing becomes – and then, instead of having my head full of stuff I have to remember, the process takes care of it all, leaving me free to be more creative!

So get your processes nailed down so that you’re creative side can then roam free, leaving you to produce your best work!

I’m running a members only webinar on Thursday 13th February all about your presentation structure – using this process and template will save heaps and heaps of time.  To become a member and get access to the webinar, follow this link:

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