Festive Greetings & Speaking Confidence for 2015

Merry Christmas!

Well – it’s that time of year again – my hasn’t it come around quickly?!

So – how has 2014 been for you?  Has it been a bed of roses where you achieved everything you ever wanted, or has it been full of challenges?

For me 2014 has been FULL of challenges that have really tested me!  However, I’m happy to report that it’s also been full of opportunities and the year is ending on an all time high 🙂  I’m sure that the challenges are sent to prepare us for better things to come (that’s how I like to view them anyway!)

My Christmas Wishes for You

My Christmas wishes for myself are for a quiet time re-charging my batteries for 2015.  As part of that quiet time, I have some great reading lined up so I start the New Year with new ideas.

My Christmas wishes for you include the confidence to go out there and share with the world how good you are – and that doesn’t mean TELL people how good you are, but SHOW them how good you are – demonstrating your expertise by speaking about what you do.  At meetings, on stage, in webinars and videos – anywhere you can create the opportunity to do so!

My Christmas Present to You – The Gift of Confidence

The fear of public speaking is listed as the #1 fear in the world – and I’m on a mission to take that fear away from as many people as possible. I have researched this topic extensively and used to suffer from this fear myself – although now I absolutely LOVE the thrill I get from speaking, whether that’s on stage or online. You too, can unlearn the fear and learn to not only get by but thrive through speaking and presenting.

One tip for now – change the story you tell yourself about how you feel about speaking.  Lose words like ‘petrified’ and ‘terrified’ and replace them with ‘I’m a bit nervous, but I’ll be OK’ – believe me this will make all the difference.  For more great information to build your confidence, check out my ‘Scaredy Cat‘ blog post.

To give you this confidence, I’m launching my ‘Befriending The Bear of Public Speaking’ programme in January 2015 at $97 but I’m making it available now for only $27 Check it out here

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays, family time, festive cheer and whatever else you like to do over the Christmas break.

With love, hugs and best wishes 🙂 xxx


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