It’s Not Fair!

Attn:  Coaches, consultants and trainers

It is SO not fair – and it makes my blood boil!

Answer this one question for me – Are you blinking great at what you do?

If no – this message isn’t for you (although I reckon you most likely are great at what you do and just need more confidence in that!)

If you are great at what you do – read on….

One more question:  Are you getting paid what you’re worth?

If yes – fabulous!  No need to read any further.

If no – then you most definitely need to read on!

Because the vast majority of the money made from coaching, training and consulting is shared between a minority of people at the top of the pile – and that’s just NOT FAIR!


Let me explain:

The Pareto Principle (or 80/20 Rule) is as evident in the world of coaching as it is anywhere else.  (when I say coaching, please read coaching, training and consulting as well as any other role in the ‘expert’ industry.)

Which means that 80% of the income from coaching is shared between just 20% of coaches.  And which means that the remaining 80% of coaches are scrabbling about to share the remaining 20% of income between them – not good!

Are they any better than you at what they do?  NO!

Are they better qualified?  NO!

Do they have more experience?  NO!

I know this because, if you’re like me, then you’ve invested thousands in your education.  You’ve invested hours and hours into study and have built up years of experience.  You’ve done the graft and completed your apprenticeship, then gone on to gather more learning and more experience – in fact, you’ve now become a ‘Master’ when it comes to knowing your stuff.  But – you’re still getting paid apprenticeship fees!  And that’s NOT FAIR – In fact, it stinks!

So – if these people at the top are no better than you, why are they the ones getting all the clients and earning all the money?

Two reasons:

  1. They have set themselves up to be seen as EXPERTS
  2. They have broken free from the selling time for money trap

And I’m here to help you take those two steps to say ‘goodbye’ to apprenticeship fees and ‘hello’ to ‘Master’ fees! 

How do you do that?   

Being Seen as an EXPERTexpert

First of all – the key phrase here is ‘Being Seen’ as the expert.  You are already an expert, it’s just that you’re not yet being seen as one.  You need to elevate yourself above all the other people out there who are doing something similar to you.  For example, there are loads of health coaches out there – but you need to be seen as THE health coach that deals with a specific element of health.  So first, you need to select a niche that you can OWN. 

Next – in order to OWN that niche, you need to create something unique rather than be another coach who uses the same tools and techniques to work with your clients that everyone else uses to work with their clients.

This is where you need to create your own MODEL – a model that is yours and yours alone.  A MODEL that, in fact, other people start using so your name and your expert status starts to spread.  Lots of people in all sorts of different contexts use the Hierarchy of needs model – and its creator, Abraham Maslow, became famous because of it.  Creating a MODEL is the key to being remembered and known as the ‘GoTo’ person in your field.

‘But!’ – I hear you cry – ‘How on earth am I going to invent a MODEL?’.  That’s where I come in.  I can help you create your Expert MODEL.  But before I tell you how, I want to tell you about the second reason the few are earning so much.

Breaking Free From Selling Time for Money

The top 20% of coaches aren’t earning the 80% of income by selling their time on an hourly or daily rate!

They have learned to leverage their time and sell their KNOWLEDGE – their EXPERTISE.  This way, they can sell to the masses, without running themselves ragged – and work on a 1:1 basis with those who truly appreciate them and pay them a premium for the privilege of working with them. 

They’ve learned to package up their knowledge and expertise into PRODUCTS.

These top earners don’t have more knowledge and expertise than you – they have just been more clever at packaging it up and selling it.  That’s all – and the best news is that you can learn to do this too.  Selling coaching can be difficult because it’s intangible and the customer can’t see or touch what they’re buying.  Put your knowledge into a programme with a physical element and suddenly it’s easier to sell.  Even digital products can follow the same principles by creating an image of a book to sell PDF downloads or images of DVD’s to sell video downloads.

How would you like to join the EXPERTS?

How would you like to learn how to put together awesome products?

How would you like to develop an Expert MODEL that will help you create talks to sell those products?

All in just one weekend?

Well – get your diary and put the weekend of 10th and 11th May aside where you can do just that in a special Expert Alchemy Workshop!

Get all the details of the weekend here

This awesome weekend workshop is a ONE OFF and will never be repeated again!

For this workshop only, I’m teaming up with Chris Payne – a very, very special guy who is an expert in terms of product creation.  Let me tell you why he’s so special.  Until recently, Chris ran what was at one time the second largest supplier of personal development products in the UK (second only to Nightingale-Conant).

He sold millions of dollars of products.  His CD set called The Effort-Free Life System has been bought by thousands of people.  AND Chris has testimonials from Paul McKenna and Michael Gerber (Author of The E Myth Revisited) on his website!

Chris loves teaching people like you how to turn their knowledge into a part- or even full-time income – or helping people who already have a range of products to increase their revenue from them.

Apart from that, Chris is willing to roll up his sleeves and work with you on this workshop to help you create your information products!  As well as running sessions where he will teach his unique DEPOT system for product creation, Chris will run hot-seat sessions so you really want to be there.

PLUS – he’s fun, high-energy and infectiously enthusiastic.

So – you will get help with your Expert MODEL from me AND you will get help with your information products from Chris – a double bonus!

Get all the details of the weekend here

This is NOT a passive seminar!  This is an implementation workshop and by the end of the weekend, you will have created your MODEL and put together your product portfolio!

You will get a workbook on the day with ‘fill in the blanks’ templates to help you.

You will also get a complete recording of the weekend so you can go back and revisit what you learned any time you want to. 

We’re so confident that you will love this weekend and achieve such an amazing outcome that you will want to give both Chris and I glowing testimonials – and to make sure of that, we’re going to get you to write the testimonials before you come!!  Along the lines of:  ‘this weekend was so awesome because by the end of it…………’  Then, Chris and I will ENSURE that is true for you by the end of the weekend by delivering what you need in terms of your MODEL and product creation. 

If, at the end of day 1, you feel that we’re not delivering what we promised, you return your course materials and we give you a full refund – and lunch on day 1 is on us!

The workshop is being held by the sea in Plymouth (WAY nicer than a boring London or Heathrow hotel) so give yourself a treat and join us for what’s likely to be the best weekend workshop you’ve ever attended!

Get the details and register here.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

Best Wishes


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