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Planning Your Webinarswebinar planning

Gosh – there’s more to planning your webinars than just deciding to do them and working on promoting them!

I’ve just been planning out my webinar strategy for the next two months and have had to re-arrange things like mad to fit everything in and ensure it all aligns with my overall business plan.

How are you getting on with your strategic webinar planning?  And if you don’t have a plan for your webinars, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Things you need to consider are how often and when are you going to hold your webinars and how these fit with what else is going on in your business?

I say this because the webinars and all the promotional e-mails that are involved could have a negative impact on your list. 

For example, if you’re running a webinar in the same week that you’re promoting a free report in line with a new product, you could be sending e-mails that are asking your list to do too many different things.  Add to that any promotions you’re doing for JV partners and it could all get a bit manic with no e-mails going out one week and then a whole shedload of e-mails going out in another week.  I know because I’ve been guilty of this myself – hence the motivation to sort out my planning properly!

It really pays to plan out your promotional strategy in advance and then work out what e-mails you will be sending to your list/s – and don’t automatically send all your broadcasts to all of your lists; be selective about who gets what and try to ensure that your followers only get what’s likely to be of interest to them.

Remember that you need to send at least 2, preferably 3 e-mails to promote your webinar – so plan those out in advance so they get the response you would prefer.

I’m running a Webinar Implementation Bootcamp where I will be covering all these kinds of issues and answering your questions personally.  The doors close on Thursday evening (5th September) at 6pm as our first Q&A webinar is on Thursday at 7pm (UK time).  If you would like to consider joining us, click here for more information.

Good luck with your webinar planning!

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