Commanding The Stage

Commanding The Stage

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and get noticed is to increase your Expert status.

A really effective way of doing this is to simply ooze authority whenever you speak. To have presence – or to ‘command the stage’. If you’re able to do this, you will be perceived as a natural leader and followers will naturally gravitate towards you.

So how do you ‘command the stage’

This begins from the very moment you even step foot on the stage (or take your place at the front of the room – or even from when you address the room from your seat).

It begins before you even say anything!

Your body language lets the audience know how much of an authority you are long before you open your mouth to utter your opening line.

If you’re walking onto stage or to the front of the room, you need to have a good, strong, steady gait. Don’t scurry, looking down with your shoulders hunched – but stride confidently and deliberately, with your head held high, looking at the host and smiling at your audience. If you’re being introduced by the event organiser, shake their hand and thank them – don’t rush this part. Then, take your position with a strong but relaxed posture, look at the audience and smile before beginning with your opening line. This is how you begin to command the stage right from the start.

You continue to command the stage by using your posture, your facial expressions and body language as well as the tone of your jimrohnvoice. Ensure that you use the stage deliberately, rather than staying rooted to one spot or pacing back and forwards.

A timid voice doesn’t sound authoritative and is certainly not commanding. Practice projecting your voice from lower in your diaphragm – when you raise your voice in more of a shout, it can come out high-pitched and less authoritative (and remember you don’t need to be booming!)

Gabbling also does little to create credibility! Speak deliberately and more slowly, using pauses while you make eye contact with audience members.

The best way of getting comfortable with speaking in public is to do it! The more you speak, the more confident you will begin to feel and, the more confident you are, the easier you will find it to ‘command your stage’.

I will cover ‘commanding the screen’ for gaining authority on webinars and in videos in another post.

Wishing you every success with your speaking!


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