Choosing The Right Topic

The Right Topic

I often get asked ‘What’s the best topic to talk about?’

The only answer to this question is ‘Whatever your audience want to hear about!’

You have an audience and you have a message that you want to share with that audience. But does your audience want to hear it?

It’s so important that you engage your audience first by linking your message with a topic that they like to hear about, otherwise they will never get to hear your message.

For example – let’s say you’re a health and well-being coach and you want to get the message out there about the benefits of green juices. If you put on a talk about ‘The Benefits of Green Juices’, you may not get so many takers. However, if you put on a talk about ‘How to have more energy than you ever believed possible’ or ‘How to look and feel amazing in just xxxx days’ then people are more likely to tune in.

It’s then important that you frame your message within the context of what they want to hear – then you have them! Bingo!

So start thinking about what your audience wants to hear about rather than what you want to tell them. Find the overlaps and work on a presentation that connects where your audience is now with where you want to take them – that’s the secret of a well-crafted, persuasive presentation!

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