Between Fantasy and Reality!

My Adventures and The Lessons I’m Learning

As I voyage on the adventurous journey of life, I’m experiencing many things!  Life is full of ups and downs and all the emotions associated with them.

I’ve decided to share my journey and the lessons I’m learning from it – both for selfish reasons and in the hope that my experiences can be of help to others.  Selfish because this will be great for me to look back on many years from now and if I can help or inspire just a few people along the way with my ramblings, then that can only be a good thing.

I’ve wanted to share my experiences through my blog for some time now, but in truth haven’t known where to begin, and getting it ‘right’ was getting in the way, so I’ve been procrastinating big time – and not written my blog for such a long time!!  Even now, I barely know where to begin and want to share things I’ve learned from my experiences over the past few years as well as going forward.  It seems that before I can go back though, I need to start exactly where I am now and then post in short bursts, rather than writing a ‘war and peace’ epic.  So enough of the procrastination – I’m just going to blurt out my thoughts without worrying about ‘getting it right’ and stuff like that!

Right Now

Right now, I’m in some kind of weird place in between fantasy and reality!  On the one hand, I’m feeling like I’m living in paradise on permanent holiday – and who wouldn’t when you live opposite a fabulous beach, with glorious sunshine and lots of dancing and social activity going on?  Only yesterday, my new friend who is teaching me Spanish invited me to the beach with his family – it was so hard to decline and be disciplined to actually get on with some work!  Although I did strike a balance and went for a drink at the chiringuito with them before settling down to work.  So fantasy land is pulling me one way.

On the other hand, the reality is hitting me that, unless I knuckle down and do some work, my business will never get back off the ground and I will run out of money!!  The reality is that I’m facing MASSIVE uncertainty right now.  I’m living in a land where the language is alien, simple things like shopping and socialising are challenging, and even my favourite websites default to the Spanish version.  With Brexit, I have no idea what hoops I may have to jump through to stay here and just find comfort that I have at least two years to get that kind of thing sorted out.  Plus – since I took my year out from my business while working on my contract in Aberdeen (now getting on for 2 years since I did anything serious with my own business), all the technology has changed and I have to start from scratch with some of it, while am rusty on the rest!!  All of which is why there is a tendency to bury my head in the sand (quite literally) and go to the beach instead!!

Lessons I’m Learning

First of all, ups and downs are normal.  Emotions are normal.  Some days I find I am ecstatically happy and other days, I feel low and restless.  Most of the time, I’m contented and appreciate where I live and acknowledge the massive changes in my life.  I’m learning to allow myself to really feel my emotions, but at the same time I’m trying not to allow myself to be governed by them.  I know that negative emotions are based on fear and that they will pass – especially if I focus on taking action to make stuff happen.

My mantra is to do ONE POSITIVE THING every day!  Whether that’s make some progress on putting my new programme together, working with a client (always guaranteed to make me feel good), do something to bring a new client on board, learn some Spanish, venture into a shop and speak in Spanish, or attend a dance class in Spanish all by myself.  On very bad days, which thankfully are really rare, that one positive thing could simply be washing the dishes, preparing a nice meal, or going for a walk.

So the message I want to share with my future self and with anyone else who is interested, is to go with the ups and downs.  Experience all the emotions – good and bad, while remaining in control of them and do ONE POSITIVE THING every single day.

Big Hugs xx


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