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But First – Become an Expert!tony robbins speaking

To become an ‘Expert Speaker’, you must first become an expert!  Think about it.  It’s a perpetuating circle – when you speak on a particular topic, you’re seen as an expert on it, which makes you more likely to be asked to speak again – and the more times you’re seen speaking on a subject – well, the more you will be taken as an expert.  And the more you speak, the better you will become – so you finally end up being an expert speaker in both senses of the phrase!

Phew!  I hope you get what I mean! 🙂

But how do you become seen as an expert in the first place?  That might seem like the tricky bit.

I say ‘how do you become seen as an expert’ because, in reality you already are an expert on your topic – it’s just that you may well be one of the world’s finest kept secrets!  You probably have many years experience and heaps and heaps of knowledge – you’ve probably invested thousands in your education and countless time studying.  You may even be frustrated because you know you’re good at what you do and you know you can help lots of other people – but others don’t know that yet.

You may be painfully aware that other people are also writing and speaking on the same topic as you.  But you can still stand out from theses others and claim your own spot – and claim it you have to because no-one’s going to give it to you.

And that brings me to point number 1 in a list of ways that you can become known as an expert in what you do.

  1. Claim Expert Status expert

    I remember watching webinars where I was told to ‘claim’ expert status and, at first, this scared me.  I saw examples where ‘experts’ had claimed to be the ‘number 1 in the world’, or to have the ‘world’s leading training’ product.  And the question was asked – ‘who says so’?  The answer – they do!  Now, you may not be brave enough to make those sort of claims, but if you are – go for it!  I’m still a little shy of that myself – but I’ve come to realise that you have to stand up, be brave and have faith in yourself and your training and coaching – otherwise no-one else will.  How can you expect someone to pay for your knowledge and expertise, if you’re not willing to step into that role?  So – find a title that you can feel comfortable owning – and not just a title that says what you do – ‘xxxxxx coach or xxxxx trainer’ isn’t good enough.  Find a title that screams ‘expert’ at the world.  The one you want gone? So – find another.  Webinar Queen was gone so I claimed Webinar Diva.

  2. Write Articles About Your Topic

    In the interest of keeping this blog short and snappy, I won’t over-elaborate on these next points but I’m sure I don’t need to.  Quite simply – get your work seen – write a blog, submit articles to magazines and ezines, publish on or wherever is most appropriate for your topic.

  3. Publish a Book About Your Topic

    It’s never been easier to publish a book.  Self-publishing is also becoming more acceptable and less of a vanity project than it used to be.  But beware – just because it’s easier and you can throw an e-book up onto Amazon Kindle very quickly and easily these days doesn’t mean you should publish something inferior.  Spend some time writing a good quality book and you will be more likely to be seen as an expert than just another person using Kindle to promote themselves.

  4. Speak on Stage About Your Topic

    Anybody speaking on stage is automatically seen as an expert simply because they’ve been asked.  Actually – in the right places, it’s easier than you may think to get yourself booked to speak at events.  Quite often, event organisers find it difficult to get speakers because many are too shy of getting up on stage and speaking – so, if you can do this, you put yourself ahead of those who won’t.

  5. Host Webinars About your Topic

    It’s much easier to host a webinar as you don’t have to wait to be invited by anyone else – you can just set your own webinar up, invite people and you’re off!  Once again, fear stops many people from putting themselves out there and running webinars, so if you can do this, you will be seen as an expert much more quickly.

  6. Find a Unique Method of Presenting Your Topic

    This is the part that will really make all the difference in the world – it’s the key that makes the difference between being perceived as a ‘true expert’ instead of just another speaker/writer on your topic.  It’s so important, that I’ve made this into a separate section below.

Create A Unique Model

Everyone who is really seen as an Expert has either been the first to speak about a subject, has taken an old topic and put their own spin on it or has published some kind of visual, almost tangible model around their subject.

You may not be the first, you may not have a completely new and unique spin – but you can create a new and unique model that you can use to present your subject.

Just think about some of the famous models out there – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, John Adair’s leadership model, the SMART goal setting model, Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Ken Blanchard’s ‘One Minute Manager’, Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Cashflow Quadrant’ – the list is almost endless.  The one thing they all have in common is that their subject material has all been placed around a model.

You don’t even have to come up with something entirely new – you can take an old model, update it, take out anything that’s no longer relevant, or surplus, add something new and give it a new name.  Check out the similarities between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Tony Robbins’ 6 Human Needs!

This is a massive topic but if you want to know more about it, I go into depth with this in my 5 Star Speaker System.

Become An Expert

I challenge you – if you dare – to claim your expert status!  Stand up and be counted as a teacher of your topic and begin building your tribe of followers.  Take some action on as many of the steps above as you can and your credible authority status will surely gather momentum.

Become an Expert Speaker

As you grow as an expert, you will surely speak more – both as a method of becoming an expert – and as a result of your newly acquired status.  Learn as much as you can about speaking to really impress your audience and own your stage.

And I will be cheering you on!

Big Hugs and Best Wishes



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