It’s Not About The Money – or is it?

It’s not about the MONEY – or is it?money

Many of us have a dream – a vision of where we want to be. And that dream isn’t always about the money.

It’s about the lifestyle.

It’s about having the freedom to work with people that we want to work with doing what we love.

About the freedom to take time out to smell the roses (or the coffee!) – in other words, to have lunch with friends, go for a walk, write, meditate or whatever you want.

Freedom to spend quality time with those that matter.

The ability to take time out and enjoy holidays to recharge the batteries.

These are the things that are important aren’t they? Much more important than money.

So many people say that it’s not about the money, it’s about the freedoms that I’ve described above.

However – everything that I’ve described above needs MONEY.

Wanting to earn money isn’t necessarily about a 6 or 7 figure business (although if that’s what you want, that’s great too as business owners with big hearts and this kind of money do amazing things for their favourite charities and contribute massively to society).

What I’m talking about is the money to pay for the basic freedoms I’ve described above.

Please don’t think I’m knocking people who say it’s not about the money.  Each of us has our own reality.  In my experience, those that say it’s not about the money are usually either satisfied with their lot or don’t believe they can do anything about it.

Alternatively – they are comfortable – they may not be flush, but they’re not usually struggling either. Perhaps they live in quite nice homes, meet their bills without any problem (either through a partner’s income, or pensions, or other work that they enjoy, that’s part time and pays well).

When you don’t have the money to live in a nice home, it’s different! As someone who lived for a while in a grotty room in a shared house, I can tell you all I ever thought about was the money to get out of there and into a place that was private – where I didn’t have to share a bathroom or kitchen.  And there was also no way I was going to accept this as ‘my lot’!

When you don’t have the money to pay your bills each month, there is no money to enjoy lunch with friends and no freedom for walks, writing or meditation as every moment is spent working on how to bring in the rent and pay the electricity. Food is the very basics and shopping for clothes and treats – what’s that?!

For many who have quit (or were forced to quit) their jobs and who are passionate about what they do, and who are building their business, this ‘existence’ is a reality and it’s only the promise (or hope) that the money and lifestyle will eventually follow that keeps them going. I know – I’ve been there! (And I know many others who are there now). In this situation, it’s definitely about the money!

For others, the only way they’re paying their bills is to do a job that they hate, which depresses them and takes away their soul. For those, it’s about building a business that will give them the money to quit the job they hate.

If, for you, it’s not about the money and you’re comfortable where you are now, enjoying doing what you’re doing, that’s fantastic. That’s a great place in which to be.  If you’re not actually that happy with where you are now, please believe that you can do something about it.

Above all, please accept that sometimes, for some people, it is about the money.  And accepting that if, for you, it IS all about money for the time being, it doesn’t mean that you’re any less worthy because money is your focus.   To have a better lifestyle often means needing to earn more money.  (For some it might mean quitting a high pressure job to earn less, but the money will always need to be managed)

If you have a dream and a passion to follow your heart and do what you love – but the lack of money is getting in the way, then I want to help.

Building a business and sticking to your plan is difficult because there are so many things pulling you away from it – mainly the need to earn cash!

We’re bombarded with bright, shiny offers and tempted with all sorts of schemes that will help us to make the money we need to be able to live the lifestyle we desire. Some of these schemes are great and will fit with our overall purpose and passion – while others pull us away from them. More about this in part 2 of this blog next week (otherwise this post would have been very, very long!)

One thing I do want to say right now is that, if money is something that’s needed for you right now, webinars are the easiest way of bringing in revenue quickly. And I know that to be true because they’ve helped me out of many a scrape in the past year (often from being persuaded to part with what I’ve brought in on yet another mentoring programme or scheme or piece of ‘essential’ software)!

For those starting out, while a 5 or 6 figure webinar sounds lovely,  just earning a few hundred dollars from a webinar on a regular basis would make all the difference.  That could well provide the freedom to go for a walk, have lunch out or work on the 6/7 figure business plan!

More on this topic in my next blog post next week.

Best Wishes


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